Point of Use Skin Care

Nutrients, facial oils and liquids in skin care products remain fresh and potent when mixed together at the ‘point of use.’ The heat, air, light and moisture of the manufacturing process promotes oxidation, rancidity and contamination of the ingredients. Thus, Nutrient Skin Care is a ‘point of use’ product line based on our Basic Skin Care Regimen that uses combinations of nutrients, liquids, lipids and exfoliants to infuse nutrients into your skin.

Combining ingredients for your skin care products at the point of use versus applying them from a bottle that may not contain exactly what you skin needs is the essence of Point Of Use skincare. It allows your skin to receive the most potent, concentrated and preservative-free ingredients available.

By mixing a toner with facial oils in the palm of your hand just before application, you created a moisturizer, which is simply a mixture of lipids and liquid. Facial oils loose potency and gain rancidity when exposed to water. There is no chance of that when YOU combine them together at the time of application. Add some powdered nutrients to the mix, and you just made a concentrated nutrient serum that moisturizes, protects and nourishes your skin---for much less than it costs to purchase expensive creams, gels, lotions and serum.

There is no need for preservatives if your products are not exposed to the heat, air, light or moisture of the manufacturing process. Manufacture it right in the palm of your hand, at the point of use.

You can make your skin’s own nutrient cocktail by combining the following ingredients at the point of use.

  • 3-4 drops RetinOil
  • 5-6 pumps of Nourishe toner
  • 1/8 teaspoon SkinNutrients

Massage onto face, neck and chest area. Use more toner if needed to dissolve nutrients completely. Hint: Use a cordless microcurrent wand to enhance penetration.