Nutrient Skin Care: Products for Healthy Skin

The goal of Nutrient Skin Care is to provide nutrients that will bring your skin to the highest level of health possible. As an esthetician, microbiologist and product formulator, I see and understand the changes that occur when nourishment is provided to nutrient-starved skin. There is an unmistakable suppleness, smoothness and healthy glow.

My training in microbiology provides insight into the biochemical reactions of skin cells as well as the extracellular matrixes which make up what we call ‘skin.’ The skin cell and the surrounding matrix are where the nutrients do their job. Our products are enhanced with ingredients that help to penetrate those nutrients to the ‘job site.’

We research the best sources of ingredients to ensure our products contain fresh, potent, stable and concentrated skin nutrition. Your skin is starving. Feed Your Skin.

Susan Nathan
B.S., Microbiology
Licensed Esthetician
Product Formulator